About Indu Alagarsamy

Indu enjoys designing distributed systems using an event-driven architecture style and domain-driven design principles. She has over 15 years of software development experience working with various industries, such as healthcare, finance, biotech, and emergency services. She is a Principal Engineer at the New York Times, leading modernization initiatives for her group.

Indu has been involved in application modernization for a few years, using her experience in Domain-Driven Design and Systems Thinking approaches to unpack complexity in structured ways. Over the years, she has also learned to incorporate other ideas from the Design realm to blend unique approaches to understanding complexity to find more straightforward and practical solutions.

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  • Mastodon: @indu@hachyderm.io

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Indu's take on analyzing the complexity of any given domain using structured approaches, such as Systems Thinking, Domain-Driven Design, and other methods that stem from the Service Design world, like Service Blueprints.


Indu enjoys designing distributed systems using event-driven architecture style and DDD. She is a Principal Engineer at the New York Times leading various modernization initiatives. You can find her on social media on LinkedIn and Mastodon